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Parma Municipal Court


-The fact that Innovare Solutions has a stellar reputation working with Municipal Courts throughout the State of Ohio provides confidence to Parma Municipal Court that we are at the top of our game in technology utilization. - Marty Vittardi Clerk of Court


-Innovare Solutions is a company that provides top rate service. You can rely on the fact that they will provide help and support whenever the need arises. –Marty Vittardi Clerk of Court


-Innovare Solutions staff is very professional and timely when responding to any question or idea. Innovare Solutions has done an excellent job managing our website, Case management system and Court network. -Kevin Bergem IT Mgr.


-I enjoy the fact Innovare understands their services and product aren’t one size fits all….they cater to our Court’s individual needs which may differ from Court to Court. –Kevin Bergem IT Mgr.    


Shaker Hts. Municipal Court - Steve Tomaszewski Clerk of Court


-The product stands out for two reasons, service and flexibility.  Issues are handled and resolved very quickly.  You can call to report an issue and a live person picks up the phone.  The system can be tailored to the court’s needs. 

- Besides the service, they have been in the case management software business for many years.  They have several other courts in the area using their product.  Many times, they have given me advice on how other courts handle issue that arise.  I appreciate that expertise.

-Support has always been outstanding.

-I feel that many times we work together to come up with solutions to issues.  I feel like they are on my team.  They have never told me an issue cannot be solved. They are also locally based.





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