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Innovăre Solutions, LLC


Internet Solution


For any organization that desires to develop an Internet presence and provide their customers, constituents, law enforcement agencies and legal firms with another method to access information, Innovăre Solutions, LLC can assist in achieving these goals by providing an Internet website that can integrate with the back office systems.


We will apply our Web Development approach to cultivate an Internet presence for your organization.  This approach follows an iterative process beginning with an analysis of your organizations requirements, preparation of a Internet development blueprint, followed with the rapid development of the Web site. After the initial version of the site is completed, Innovăre will solicit feedback from the organization to further refine the site.  Innovăre will rely on proprietary project management methodology to ensure the successful on-time delivery of a quality product and services to your organization. 


Innovăre has the experience and technical resources to take your organization through the 21st century.  We have been providing technology services for over 20 years.  Our internet solutions are currently running in several organizations in the state of Ohio With this experience we have honed our implementation methods into a methodical and precise process.  In addition to implementing the Internet functionality, Innovăre Solutions can host the web site thus eliminating additional support and maintenance for your organization. This will provide for a single source of contact for Internet support services.


Innovăre Solutions, LLC provides business and technology solutions to large and small-market companies and public sector organizations. Innovăre assists their clients define their Internet strategies and provides the design, architecture, development and implementation services to successfully execute those strategies.



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