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Innovăre Solutions, LLC

Innovăre: [1540 -50 Latin innovăre – to renew; alter = in + novāre to revew, v. der. of novus – new]

Basically, to innovate, introduce something new, make changes. To innovate a computer system or introduce a new and improved computer based software solution.

That is who and what we are. Innovăre Solutions, LLC is an Information Technology firm that strives to continually improve our service offerings and product lines.

Innovăre provides business and technology solutions to public sector organizations. Innovăre assists clients define their technology strategies along with providing design, development and implementation service to successfully execute those strategies.

Innovăre operates under a set of business principles and an employee relationship philosophy that is intended to create long-term, mutually beneficial relationships between Innovăre, its employees and its customers – emphasizing integrity, opportunity and a continuing commitment to quality.

Market Leadership built on a Mission

Innovăre Solutions is a full-service provider of IT services. Innovare can offer a full-line of services to their clients. Whether it's Case Management implementation or complete Internet solutions, our services begin with a business strategy and continue through post-implementation support services.

Innovăre provides unique services and products that reduce the length, risks, and costs of our client's implementations. This allows our clients to realize their ultimate goal - a quicker return on their investment.

To make any venture successful - a concentrated focus is needed. Innovăre Solutions has the resources, experience, and commitment to assist our clients reach their goals and achieve success.


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