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Court Solutions

For any organization that desires to develop an Internet presence and provide their customers, constituents, law enforcement agencies and legal firms with another method to access information, Innovăre Solutions, LLC can assist in achieving these goals b

Internet Solutions

Designed specifically for Courts



Innovăre Solutions can provide any Court Internet solutions ranging from case information lookup to online payments and daily docket information.


Innovăre Solutions can provide a wide range of Internet services including Case Management software integration, website design, development and hosting.


Why Utilize the Internet

Provides access to:

  1. Improve services to your constituents

√ Traffic/Criminal, Civil, Small Claims. Probation, and Parking departmental information

  1. Deliver information in a more timely manner

√ Judges/Magistrates biographical information

√ Directions, Policies and Procedures

  1. Make the community aware of your full range of services

√ Docket/Case History

√ Imaging Information

  1. Reduce expenses thru a straightforward and functionally efficient website

√ Online Payments

√ Online Forms

√ News Center-What’s new, events, etc.


Why Chose Innovăre Solutions:

Ř      Rapid, Cost-effective Implementation Process

Ř      Over Two Decades of Case Management experience

Ř      Highly skilled Functional & Technical Support Team

Ř      Strong Strategic Relationships

Ř      Broad Range of Complimentary Services

Ř      End-User Support




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