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CourtMaster Prosecutor (PRS) Module


Prosecutor Case Management is integrated with Traffic/Criminal. A prosecutor can open a complete T/C case or see the most needed information on the Prosecutor forms.

CourtMaster offers a great deal of flexibility to the Prosecutor office in setting up various types of cases that are accepted by the Prosecutor’s department and the desired case status information for reporting.


Key Features

·        Complaint/Case Entry

o   Complainant/Defendant Information

o   Victim/Witness Information

o   Import Traffic/Criminal Information

o   Assign Prosecutor

·        Complaint/Case Management

o   View Cases

o   View Linked Cases

o   Add/Modify Case Information

o   Manage Complainant/Defendant/Victim/Witness Information

o   Add Offenses

·        Traffic/Criminal Interface

o   Import Traffic/Criminal Information

§  Offense Information, Person Information, Defendant History

o   View Imaging Material

·        Notice Generation

o   Create, Edit & Generate Notices

§  Issue Subpoena

·        Reports

o   Track Information (i.e. Subpoena statistics)



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